Alia’s Haiti Adventure!

Hello church family!

I thought I should take a moment to write a quick something about my time in Haiti.

As you might know from the teams blogs, I spent the week with Pastor Joseph while they went to Grand Savann to be with Pastor Benito. I am so thankful for this opportunity, because Pastor Joseph’s is where my heart lies in Haiti. I am glad the team didn’t mind too much in my using them merely for travel purposes. =]

While at Pastor’s I was able not only to love on the children which is my favorite part, but I was able to experience Haiti in a whole new way. Papi was very generous in taking me all over the country to see different parts and even get to enjoy two different beaches and lots of ice cream while there. I got a little spoiled to say the least. =] While at the orphanage, though, I was definitely stretched more than I planned for going into the trip. Being that I don’t speak Creole fluently, conversing with the children was difficult at times, but the Holy Spirit was there and translating for me. Through the medical emergencies that they called on me for, to the crying babies that stopped when they were handed to me, to the woman who came to drop off her children — I was able to communicate only by God. My “mom mode” was turned on all week that’s for sure. I don’t handle blood well, but I had to. I love me some babies, so that wasn’t too challenging when they were crying. And as to the woman who wanted to drop off her babies – she is now living with Pastor Joseph working as a nanny so she can stay with her children! I was amazed every day by the work that Pastor and his wife do. They are able to provide food for the children and jobs for Haitians based on the many businesses that they run. Pastor is quite the entrepreneur! 

God willing I will get to return to my Haitian home and serve alongside Pastor and his wife someday. I have so many wonderful stories that I would love more than anything to share with any of you reading this if you’re interested more in what happy haps I had in Haiti. I just want to take a moment to thank Heidi, Mary Ellen, Christine, Renee, Faith, Evens, Lindsay, and Julia for allowing me to travel with them and for remembering me in their prayers throughout the week. Quite the group that went and I’m sure they would love to share their amazing experiences and stories with you as well!

Bondye Beni Ou! (God Bless You!)