Haiti Thursday October 17, 2013

Well, here we are at the end of our Haiti mission trip, leaving Christianville at 6am tomorrow.  It was more difficult leaving Grand Savann School and Church at the end of the work day than I thought it would be.  After our closing prayer, Scott, Mike and I were hugged by most if not all of our Haitian brothers and sisters on our team.  We had all worked hard together for eight days and in that time we got to know each other even better than before.

The combined team of Haitians, Coloradoans and Illinoisans erected the second wing of the school and applied the first coat of stucco.  So, there are four more classrooms, a kitchen and a stove in addition to the six classrooms and bake oven that were completed to the same degree in April.  As was done with the first wing, the roof will be poured by a local contractor in the next few days and will be usable after the cement cures for 21 days.

As we look down the road, quite a bit of work remains to finish the school—install windows and doors, make bench desks for the classrooms and outfit the kitchen, install a water purification system if needed, apply the finish coat of stucco, pre-wire the classrooms and kitchen, add a covered front porch/walkway, make and lay pavers in the “courtyard”, etc.

Thank you for being our prayer partners and praying us through this!  We continued to expand our relationship with our sister church as we worked with them to help build their Christian school.  All to to the glory of our Father in heaven!

Keep praying!

Larry and the RCC team


Haiti October 16, 2013

End of work day seven for the remnant of the RCC team and day three for the Colorado team–

As our team t-shirts say, God Is Good All the Time!

Scott Couch set a goal today to complete the first coat of cement stucco on the front of the school, on the back of the school, the classrooms and the kitchen!  So almost everyone had a hawk and trowel in their hands most of day.  My first question was “What’s a hawk?”  Well it’s a square board with a handle underneath to hold the cement.  Anyway, the Haitian members of the team are much better at stuccoing than the Americans, but we all worked hard all day to meet our goal.  And, it was another hot one!

Well, we came very close but short of the goal.  But, it shouldn’t take us long to finish the stucco in the morning.  When we’re done there will be a team celebration with a special treat followed by some non-construction activities such as tours.

So, it looks like in just seven and a half work days we will have constructed four more classrooms and a kitchen for the new school!  God Is Good All the Time!

Before leaving, arrangements will be made to pour cement on the roof and doors and windows will probably be ordered!  That means in about four weeks four new classrooms will be ready to use in addition to the six that were completed in May.  Children and parents are excited!

We’ll head into tomorrow with the realization the it’s our last work day and we’ll be flying home Friday.  We’re looking forward to being with our families again and this trip has been a true blessing from God!

God is Good All the Time!

Larry and the Rochester team

Haiti – Sunday October 13, 2013

Sunday October 13th
What a glorious day! Here in Gran Savann church starts at 8am. This required a much earlier departure from Christianville than usual to assure we arrived on time to church. We found ourselves in an interesting position as the bus that had been shuttling us between Christianville and Grand Savann, was sent to Port au Prince to pick up the team coming in at 9 am from Colorado. We learned that the second bus here at the compound was out of service, so all 14 of us( and Mary Ellen), crawled into a large, Ram Charger, extended cab truck; in addition to the driver and three others from Christianville. Thankfully chivalry is not dead and the women were allowed to ride inside the truck, rather than sitting in the bed of the truck. The only thing separating us from the Haitian Tap Tap’s was the colorful paint jobs on the vehicle and luggage roped to the top of the truck cab.

On arriving at the church (without mishap) we were warmly welcomed by the Haitian work team and ushered to our seats. Amazingly their church service closely followed our service format of praise worship, followed by communion and offering. Pastor Benito then called the RCC team forward, introducing us individually to the congregation, thanking us for serving God and coming to help build the school for their children and God. What followed was truly amazing. Several church members came forward to give the most impassioned testimonies to the goodness of God and the answering of their prayers, after which each burst into song praising God. They truly gave new meaning to “praise hymn”.
Pastor Benito shared the pulpit today with Pastor Rodlin who gave the message in Creol. We were able to follow the sermon from the scripture verses noted on the overhead projector. The title of the message was “Is Jesus Coming Back?” The points of the sermon sounded strangely familiar. Acts 13:1-3 We are to go. 1 Cor 13:4-12 We are to love. Matt 24:36 We do not know when Jesus is coming …..so “Are you prepared? “ AMEN ( Just an FYI RCC congregation, Brad Ferris has nothing on the Haitians, there service was 2 ½ hrs long. )
On returning to Christianville, we found the Colorado Team had arrived safely and was settling into their new home. We enjoyed our time before lunch getting to know them and sharing our experiences over the last week. Pastor Benito invited us to his home after lunch for a short visit. He wanted to show us the progress he has made in rebuilding his home after the earthquake. His story of his family’s life post-earthquake (living in a tent with 3 childrenfor two years) was filled with their trust in the Lord and how He continues to bless them.

A tour of the large Christianville Compound was arranged where we meet Christian volunteers from many nationalities who have come from universities and companies with the singular vision to equip and empower the Haitians. Their focus is to work cooperatively with the Haitians and instead of giving handouts; help them develop skills through education, on the job training, foster independence economically and improve the quality of life . It was awesome! So many people being Jesus’ hands and feet. God is Good! We can’t wait to share all the pictures with you when we return home. We have so much more to share. God bless you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!

Cindy Louderman and the RCC team.

Haiti, Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today all but three of the RCC Haiti mission team members left Christianville on the bus to Port Au Prince at 6 a.m.  The rest of the team departs Haiti at 6 a.m. on Friday, October 18, 2013.

After breakfast and morning devotion, Larry, Mike and Scott hopped on the school bus with the eight team members from Colorado to begin another work day.  Today the goal was to finish stucco on the front of the new school wing, finish electrical conduit in the kitchen, pour the sugar slab for the new oven, and cut the long panels of the roof on the back side of the building.  With God’s grace, even though we had a lower turnout of Haitian workers and eleven of our RCC team members were on their way home, we managed to finish all of the tasks – praise the Lord!

After returning from a hard day’s work, showers and dinner, we held our evening devotion on the rooftop of the Christianville guest house.  With nearly a full moon, we could see across the treetops as the sun was setting – it was a beautiful sight.  The storm clouds were announcing their arrival in the distance with lightening dancing across the sky.  Scott Couch shared with us his story about being in the Amazon jungle at a tribal wedding – he had us captivated for nearly 30 minutes.  You can ask someone on the team about the story if you are interested.

Finally, here Larry and Scott sit in the first floor of the Christianville guesthouse writing the blog post.  We are thankful for all of the work that God has done in Haiti for our Haitian brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.  We look forward to working with our new friends from Colorado over the next two days and are thankful to be servants for God’s work.

From Scott and the RCC Team.