Day 13 – Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (10/1): Rest of team departs for home.  Praise God for His faithfulness and what He has accomplished!

Today is our last day in Haiti – we depart for the airport at 6 am tomorrow morning.  Today we all praised God for what he has done for the construction of this school.  There are a lot of pictures, as promised, so let’s get started.

This is nothing more than a goat on a wall – goats like walls, we don’t know why.


Early this morning before breakfast, we all head downstairs to the common area of the gust house (shown below).  Cody is getting ready for the day.


Here is Larry looking through the porch door into the guest house.


This is a picture of part of the team at Christianville during morning devotional before we take off for the job site.  Scott Couch is the one who has his arms folded.  We are thankful for his leadership, guidance, friendship and expertise.


Below is a completed bathroom door.


The bathroom is nearly completed – shown below.  All of the girls’ tile is finished and half of the boys’ tile is finished.


Here is a good look at the nearly completed school.  In the picture are Larry and Pastor Benito.


Pictured below is a finished classroom with benches/desks for students and a desk and chair for the teacher.  Praise God!


Shown below is the nearly completed kitchen sink stand and shelf.  All that remains is the tile for the drying rack area.


Right behind the kitchen is the outdoor cooking and large pot wash sink.  These are completed today including a thermometer in the oven.


We made friends with a woman we have always seen over the past year, but she kept her distance.  Her name is Lourdie and she helped from time to time also.


Below is Cathy painting.


Finally, here is a group shot of all of the workers shot at the end of the day.  We will miss our friends in Haiti!  This is the last post on this blog.  Have a wonderful evening and thank you for everything!!!  See you all Sunday at church!


Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team


Day 12 – Monday, Sep 29, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/30): Last day of work in Haiti.  Pray for the right teachers and staff to be hired and retained by the school.

Good evening!  Even though tomorrow is our last day working n Haiti, we have not slowed down the pace.  We are wrapping as much of the projects as we can and are trying to make sure that the team from PEPC has all that they need to continue the work in a couple weeks.  Tomorrow we plan to stop working around 1 or 2 so that we can organize and inventory all of the tools.

Before today’s pictures, I wanted to show you all a picture of the inside of the bus that we rode back and forth to the beach yesterday.  Quite cozy we were.


The bathroom doors are being fabricated from metal angle iron and plate steel.  Below are the stencils that are used for the boys and girls doors.  We traced around each of these and then hammer the steel with a chisel to make a raised relief of a boy or a girl.  Below is our cardboard couple relaxing on our tool room table next to Pastor Benito’s bananas.


Shown below is Joslin chiseling around the outline of the girl stencil on the first girl’s bathroom door.


Finally, we left the worksite in the back of a Dodge pickup.  Below is a picture that was snapped leaving the site.  In the foreground is Grand Savann Christian Church and in the background is the school and some of the Haitian workers and children.


I promise more pictures tomorrow – we did not have time to take many today.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team

Day 11 – Sunday, Sep 28, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/29): School build finishes up.  Pray for more sponsors for Haitian children as the school enrollment continues to increase.

I’d like to start off with a picture Cindy took from the orphanage Saturday afternoon.  Cathy Becker brought with her a Polaroid camera and took a picture of each child.  In this picture, you can see each child holding up their photo.


Today we all attended church service and immediately afterwards, we moved to the schoolyard for the grand opening celebration.  Four ribbons were cut.  Larry and Cathy cut the first ribbon.  Larry gave a great dedication speech and so did many more people including Scott Couch and Pastor Benito.  The official name of the school is Vision Christian School of Grand Savann.

After the celebration, we rode back to Christianville and then prepared for the beach.  We planned to arrive at the beach by 1 p.m., but we had a few challenges along the way.  Before we even left Christianville, we realized that the bus was out of diesel fuel.  That took a while to get rectified.  We then loaded into the short bus and headed to the church to pick up 23 Haitians.  We had about 33 people in the bus on a hot and steamy day with little or no breeze.  We had to cross a bridge that was technically “out” to get out of Grand Savann.  When we approached the bridge, the bus stopped and we were all told to depart the bus and walk across the bridge while the driver gingerly crossed the bridge with the bus.  We all hopped back on the bus at the soccer field that is the same field that Sam and Jessica cross every time they enter/exit their homestead.  Next was a 45 minute ride west to the beach, but immediately after turning on to Rue 2 (Route 2 – the main highway), we realized we had a flat tire.  Luckily, on a Sunday, when nothing else was open, there was a man with a compressor, some tools and tires on the side of the road.  We all got out of the bus again and waited for the tire to be repaired.  Two pictures below memorialize that particular event.



After the tire was fixed, we drove for about 40 minutes and then finally made it to the beach.  When we arrived a few of us went into the water to cool off.  Lunch was served almost immediately and we enjoyed a great meal.  The Haitians were taking pictures with a few cell phones and tablets – they seemed very excited to be there.  We all then went into the water and had so much fun.  We played catch and man-in-the-middle with a ball for over an hour in the water.  It reminded me of children at play – we were all so thankful for a beautiful day in the Caribbean Sea among friends who have sweated, bled, cried, laughed, eaten and prayed together for a solid two months over the past 17 months of RCC mission trips for the school construction in Grand Savann, Haiti.

On the ride home, a Haitian rose from his bus seat and spoke on behalf of the Haitians with translation from Pastor Benito about how thankful the Haitian team was.  A couple things he mentioned was how today was the best day of his life and how the Haitians will never forget this glorious day with the Haitian and American workers.  Many were in tears.  God shows himself so often when people Go and do his will by becoming his hands and feet to do good works for the glory of God.  (See Ephesians 2:10)

Please enjoy the pictures from the beach – what a wonderful day!  The first picture of Jerome captures the jubilation felt by all.


Cheryl, Kerene, Cindy and Antonise are pictured below.


Pictured below are Leon, Rochener, Joures and Scott.


Below are Leon and Antonise.


Below are Antonise, Jerome and Whitley.


Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team

Day 10 – Saturday, Sep 27, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/28): Church Services at GSCC; Grand Opening Celebration at GSCC School!  Praise God through Nehemiah 6:15-16!

Another productive day!  Many different projects were going on at once.  Below is a picture  of one of the Haitian workers grinding the welds on the kitchen sink frame.


The picture below is of the first classroom (former base camp) being primed.  We will outfit this room with the benches/desks that were assembled today for the grand opening tomorrow.


Shown below is the end of the bathroom block that will house a large sink.  This is the frame for the hand-wash sink which will be built out of mortar and tile.  In the picture is Pastor Joseph Benito.


The picture below shows the seven benches/desks that were assembled and varnished today.  These are very comfortable benches/desks!


Tomorrow we attend church and the school grand opening and then a trip to the beach with the Haitian workers, Pastor Benito and his family.

We’d like to thank those people who have left comments on the blog – the words of encouragement are working!  Thank you!

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team

Day 9 – Friday, Sep 26, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/27): School build continues.  Pray for Godly leaders to be raised up from among the children attending this Christian school.

Here is a picture of Cathy all geared up for her first day of work in Haiti with her charming husband, Larry.


Another productive day!  We finished cutting, routing, sanding and varnishing all of the wood for ten (10) of the seventy (70) school benches/desks – our goal is to get 10 completed on this trip.  We have all of the frames welded for those benches as well.  We installed the frame for the outdoor kitchen sink.  We welded the table for the two indoor kitchen sinks.  We also started welding the teacher desk frames.  Things are coming together very well.

Pictured below are the finished boards that we will use for the benches/desks.  They are drying in one of the classrooms.  This classroom was painted yesterday with primer.


Here is a picture of Mike and two small children that greeted us today after we exited the bus.


Below is a picture Larry snapped of me drawing a girl/woman for a cardboard stencil that we can use to punch into the metal bathroom doors.  We also have a boy/man for the male restrooms.  The cardboard was moist from the humidity, so I had to dip the stencils in varnish and than when dried, coat the edges with duct tape.  We need to get four outlines from each stencil to cover all 8 bathroom doors.


Tomorrow we continue with trying to wrap up more projects.  Tomorrow will be the last workday of this week.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team

Day 8 – Thursday, Sep 25, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/26): School build continues.  Pray for the relationships that are built to continue to be nurtured and remain strong.

Cathy Becker made it to Haiti safely today – this is her first trip to Haiti and we are all happy to see her.  She greeted us as we departed from the bus after work today at the front of the Christianville guest house with a plate of cookies.  The team has had no sugar or sweets since we arrived – the cookies were devoured immediately.  Thank you to the maker of the cookies!

Today was even more productive than yesterday.  Projects are starting to get completed.  Below are pictures with captions.

The female teacher’s bathroom stall is the first to receive tile.  All of the women/girls will get pink tile and all of the men/boys will get blue tile.



Below is the finished kitchen tile.


Today most of the exterior of the concrete building was primed with paint.  This is the most visible progress we have seen all week.


This is the one and only classroom in the building that is being temporarily used.  For those who have traveled on previous Haiti mission trips, this room is our old base camp room where we prayed, kept our tools and are lunch.


The Internet has been touch-and-go all evening, so I will close and sign off until tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team

Day 7 – Wednesday, Sep 24, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/25): Cathy Becker arrives in Haiti (sponsored child visits, help at the orphanage and in the medical clinic).  School build continues.  Pray for the progress of the build.

What a beautiful sunrise we woke up to this morning.


Tom, Matt and Chris headed for the airport at about 7:15 a.m..  We had another busy day working on the school.  We certainly missed our three team members.

Scott Couch arrived back in Haiti today around 2 p.m. – it is great to see him back!

Here are some pictures…

Here is a picture of Jon and I in the back of the pickup truck riding to the work site this morning.


This Haitian is a craftsman with stucco.  He finished the roof of the bathroom by hand an it is quite impressive.  The work is so difficult and requires so much skill, we had to hire a contractor “Boss Com” to do the roof.  We should start tiling the bathrooms tomorrow.


Below are Cindy and Cheryl rolling primer onto the outside of the first wing of the classrooms.  The classroom shown is already being used every day by the school children.  Tomorrow we will continue with the painting of the school exterior.


Posting early this evening so that some rest can be experienced.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team

Day 6 – Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/24): Chris Lyons, Matt Wilson and Tom Hayes depart Haiti.  School build continues.  Pray for renewed energy for those going into week two; safe travels for Chris, Matt and Tom; and for the provision of all needed resources for the upcoming week.

We had another great workday – it was extremely productive.  The kitchen tile is nearly completed.  The bathroom roof is nearly completed.  The water supply pipe for the bathroom was completed.  Two-thirds of the wood was cut for the classroom benches/desks.

After the workday, the team went to Madam Dana’s orphanage.  What a blessing it was to see Madam Dana and the children!  The children sang songs for us in three different languages and then each child stood up and recited a different bible verse.  Tears were flowing all around the circle.  They were like little angels.

Below are two pictures from the orphanage.  The girl pictured alone is Cindy and Alan Louderman’s sponsored child, Miracia.  Some of you may be able to recognize your sponsored child in the group photo.



We did not take the bus today to the job site.  Instead, we rode in an open-bed pickup truck.  Below are the pictures of the team and pastor Benito on the way to work in the pickup truck.




Please pray for safe passage for the three people (Matt, Tom and Chris) traveling all day and evening tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team

Day 5 – Monday, Sep 22, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/23): School build continues.  Praise God for our partnerships with our Sister Church in Haiti (GSCC – Grand Savann Christian Church) and VisionTrust and all He has planned for us.

Today was a good workday. All of the projects mentioned in earlier blogs continued, but are not yet complete.

Larry spent a good part of the day shopping for materials. He had a long list of things to purchase and when he returned, everything we needed was there – Larry did a perfect job selecting what was needed.

Several team members (Jon, Chris, Mike and Matt) stayed late today to help do some work for Sam and Jessica. That truly requires extra effort because by 4 p.m. every day, everyone is literally drained of energy.  They worked until well after dark.  They welded the security gate for Sam and Jess at the school and then walked it back through Grand Savann to Sam and Jess’s house with motorcycles lighting the way, for a fee $1.  At Christianville, the team saved four plates of hot dog spaghetti for the late night workers.  The nighttime team tonight also started tiling the shower in Sam and Jess’s house.  Praise God!

Below are two pictures of the house.  The first one is of the living room and kitchen.  The second is from the outside showing the door that that leads to the living room and kitchen.



Day 5 is over, seven full work days left for most of the team. Three of our team members leave Haiti for home on Wednesday morning.

Below are two pictures of the kitchen tile.



Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team

Day 4 – Sunday, Sep 21, 2014 – Haiti September School Construction

Prayer Calendar for Tomorrow (9/22): School build continues.  Pray that GSCC can use this school as an outreach to their community and as a stimulus for the local economy. 

Today the team attended the GSCC service.  It was a longer than normal service because Pastor Benito had to translate everything.  After service, we decided to walk from the church to the In His Hands Orphanage house (Sam and Jessica’s current residence).  It was a long walk in the hot sun through Grand Savann, over a bridge being repaired, up a gravel road, through a soccer field, and through several fields with dirt paths to the house. This the the way in and out of the compound.  Sam and Jessica graciously showed us around.  We walked into what will be the living room – it presently has piles of sand all over that room and raw material (metal) for a compound security gate.  Jessica told us about the two tarantula that visited her this week in her house.  The doors need to be closer to the concrete at the bottom to keep critters out.  When the home is finished, it will be a fine place for Sam and Jessica to carry out their mission for the construction of the orphanage.  If anyone reading this blog has any construction experience, or knows anyone who may feel a calling, they certainly have plenty of work to be done on the In His Hands Orphanage site.  Sam and Jessica also need transportation (a vehicle) and solar power so that they can have electricity.  Those of you who have never been to Haiti, picture yourself in a large field in a very hot place with no electricity, no city water, no sewers, dirt paths instead of roads with animal waste along your path, and people who do not speak your language.  What Sam and Jessica are doing is truly inspiring and they need as much support as can be provided.  Please pray for Sam and Jessica and their two dogs, and for no spiders.

After we walked back from the house, we hopped back on the big old rolling school bus and then headed to Pastor Benito’s house for a tour by his wife, Maritaine (sp).

We then returned to Christianville to change into our swimsuits.  Sam and Jessica and two sponsored children came to the beach as well.  Also attending was Diesel who has helped us with the school construction on all four construction trips.  We then hopped back on the bus and drove west about 50 minutes to a private beach.  We all immediately went into the Caribbean Sea and floated in the warm and refreshing salt water.  The water was fantastic – what a blessing!  We had a delicious lunch there composed of chicken, conch, fried potatoes, fried plantains, a potato salad, fresh avocado, mango and watermelon.  Matt Wilson and Sam took a hand-made rowboat (water taxi) to an island near the beach.  The boat ride was $3 for two people.  Matt ran into someone he knew on the island – small world!  On another boat was Cody and Chris.  They almost missed out on lunch upon their return.

Below is a picture of most of the team eating lunch.


Below is a picture from the beach looking northeast.  You can’t see it too well in the picture, but there is a rainbow over the peaks of the distant mountain.


Below is a picture of Diesel in the foreground with Chris and Cody pulling the boat they just departed back to the beach.  Thanks to the photographer’s (yours truly) lapse in composition awareness, it looks as if Chris is straining to shove the boat oar into Diesel’s ear, and Diesel is not affected in the least – the young man still smiles.


This is the view that God has made that we saw from our Christianville Guest House roof top this evening about 20 minutes before our devotional.  When it is not raining, we conduct our devotionals at 7:30 p.m. EST on the 4th floor rooftop.  Tonight the stars were out and shining brightly – so brightly, you could see the different colored stars.


Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all of your prayers, comments and continued support!  Please keep Sam and Jessica in your thoughts and prayers.

Scott Norton and the GSCC School Construction Team