Haiti – Day 3 (10/24/2015)

Our team of 19 made significant progress again today.  Continuing our projects from yesterday:

  1. all of the fence posts and footings for concrete columns were set along the side of the school.  We expect to complete the concrete columns Monday and put up the chain-link fence Tuesday.
  2. the chain-link fence was completed along the back of the church the full length of the property.
  3. completed most of the new water system for the restrooms and the school.  All of the restrooms are in working order and fully functional.  We expect to complete the system by combining the water flow of the two tanks Monday
  4. completed installation of the skylight lighting in the restrooms.

We expect to begin making the awnings for the school windows Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ll work with and train Haitians as we go, so they are making and installing awnings before we leave and complete this project after we leave.

By the way, here’s a picture of our youngest team member I mentioned yesterday.  He was back again today watching for things he could do to help us!  And, he found some!  I gave him a collapsible water bottle with a pack of Gatorade and he was pretty happy and proud of his new water bottle.   Mike shared his rice and beans with the boy and a friend, and that was the best!


Tomorrow, we’ll attend Pastor Benito’s church (8am–9:30).  Scott Couch will deliver the primary message.  As usual Pastor Benito will ask me to say something representing RCC.  I plan to share the next four days of prayer calendar requests with the congregation as examples of the things we pray for them.

Our prayer request for Sunday from the Prayer Calendar is “Pray for Pastor Benito; for God’s favor upon GSCC’s ministry to those in prison; for GSCC to be ‘a light for the Gentiles’.”

Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you!

Larry Becker and the other U.S. members of the Haiti mission team (Scott Norton, Chris Lyons, Cody Cother, Mike Welch and Scott Couch)


5 thoughts on “Haiti – Day 3 (10/24/2015)

  1. Praying for a blessed Sunday and that both Benito and Scott’s sermons speak to the hearts of those attending in Grand Savann. Enjoy your day of rest, hoping you go to the beach. Hugs to all!

  2. Praying for you all and Gods good works, relationally and physically in this trip. Love the picture of the child helping and inspiring the team!
    Please tell Pastor Benito and Massaro I said Hello and I’m praying for their families and Gods work in their lives.
    In Him,
    Stephanie Barton

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