Haiti – Day 5 (10/26/2015)

Good evening from Haiti!

Today was a busy work day.  We nearly completed the plumbing work from the water tanks, we finished the block columns along the road for the fence and we started repair work on the damaged awnings.

We had a little more time on our hands today to build relationships with the Haitians, young and old.  It was a really good day all around!

This evening, two Haitians joined us for devotions on the rooftop of the Christianville guest house.  When asked for prayer requests, both of the Haitians asked to be closer to God.  That prayer request lead into a series of events that we will share with you all tomorrow so we can do the story justice.

Have a great evening and blessed day tomorrow!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

The Haiti Mission Team:  Larry Becker, Scott Couch, Scott Norton, Mike Welch, Chris Lyons and Cody Cother


2 thoughts on “Haiti – Day 5 (10/26/2015)

  1. Today sounds like a spectacular day. What an awesome story of tonight’s devotions. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this story. God is working through you and the blessings will be awesome!

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